Control Panels, Boxes, and Boards

API Alliance is a dedicated electromechanical contract manufacturer. Together we are your "Partners In Design & Production." Call us for your next standard, build-to-print, or custom electromechanical control box project. We help you become more profitable by using our expertise to save you time, money, and deliver a solid product.
Operator Interface Control Panel

Our Team, in collaboration with your staff, will tailor each manufacturing program to match your needs. We build custom control panels based on your requirements. We can build to your design, provide a design review with recommended improvements if applicable, or we can custom design a new control panel based on your specifications. We work hand in hand with you to develop cost-effective manufacturing plans for your control panel design; including purchasing and inventorying parts, documented assembly processes, quality and testing standards, and customized shipment procedures.

  • Turn-Key Design-to-Production Capabilities
  • Phased Approach to Project Development
  • Flexible Material Procurement Options
  • Multi-Industry/Multi-Technology Experience
  • Multi-Discipline Engineering Talent
Outsourcing Advantages
  • Outsourcing your assembly tasks to API Alliance allows you to focus on your core competencies,while growing your business.
  • By partnering with API Alliance, you can increase your assembly capacity by taking advantage of our highly trained team of experts.
  • Partnering with API Alliance allows you to reduce the need to hire additional personnel, saving money for other important expenses.
  • When you outsource your assembly tasks to API Alliance, you reduce or eliminate the need to invest in capital equipment.
  • A partnership with API Alliance allows you to improve your purchasing efforts by giving you several multi-sourcing options.