Programmable Process Controllers

With over twenty years of electronics expertise, using proven technologies, we developed a product platform that utilized a commonality of ideas, form factors, I/O connections, programmability, and technologies that seemed to fit a majority of applications. Later in the process, we added additional functionality and a microprocessor and the RMP platforms were born. Even though the RMP series is ready to use right out of the box, we can use these product platforms as a starting point for a semi-custom board, which saves you money on R&D expenses because most of the work is already done for them. We can then simply add or subtract the technologies, I/Os, and functionality that you need or don’t require for your particular application. Read more...

Our base platforms have become very popular with customers in agriculture, food processing for motor and pump controlling. Due to that demand, we have expanded the line which now consists of four main board models and some variations. This provides you with a lot of flexibility and based on your need we can start with the platform that closely matches your requirements for the most cost effective solution. In addition, you can have confidence because our platforms are factory designed, manufactured, tested, and proven in actual daily operation.

Quicker to Market Platforms

RMP 100
I/O Control Module
Our RMP 100 Sequencer Interface Board allows for simple interfacing through USB/Ethernet.
  • Update existing technologies to 8 bit PIC®, ISCP header, Digital I/O with quick connects, USB virtual com port and more
  • Allows PC connection to various input and output devices
  • Up to eight inputs and outputs to drive external sensors/devices
  • Dimensions: 3.88” x 1.75”
RMP 200
RMP 200 board
RMP 200 platform has Bluetooth®, comm port connectivity, and can be used for a variety of applications.
  • Update existing technologies to 4-20mA transducer input, 9-3.3V digital I/O with optional software selectable pull-ups, internal to PIC®, dual USB virtual com ports and more
  • Ribbon cable connector for parallel interface to alphanumeric character display and up to 4 x 5 matrix keyboard
  • Bluetooth®, RN42 module, autodiscovery, 9600 baud serial com
  • Dimensions: 4.75” x 3.00”
RMP 300
RMP 300 programmable process controller
RMP 300 platform has an optional touchscreen, ethernet connectivity and wireless interface. They can be used for a variety of applications.
  • Update existing technologies to real-time clock with battery backup, SD storage, USB host, Ethernet, USB and Serial communication port interfaces
  • A powerful controller that is a cost-effective PLC alternative
  • Utilizes a System on Module (SoM) with a 120 MHz 32 bit ARM Cortex M3 processor running .NET Micro Framework, which lets you program from Microsoft’s Visual Studio using C# or Visual Basic
  • Optional Touchscreens available
  • Dimensions: 6” x 3.75”
RMP 500
RMP 500 programmable process controller
RMP 500 platform has optional tethered touchscreens available, ethernet connectivity and wireless interface. They can be used for a variety of applications.
  • Update existing technologies with real-time clock with battery backup, isolated user selectable I/O, USBhost, Ethernet, USB device, serial communications ports
  • Our high power controller is a cost effective PLC alternative
  • Utilizes a System on Module (SoM) with a 400 MHz 32 Bit ARM 9 processor running .NET Micro Framework, which facilitates Microsoft’s Visual Studio programming using C# or Visual Basic
  • Optional Tethered Touchscreens available
  • Dimensions: 9” x 4.5”

Touch Screen Display Module

RMP + Display = Functionality

Operator Interface Control Panel
The Touch Screen Display Module can be interfaced with the RMP 300 and RMP 500 product platforms to create functionality.

Add a field-proven touchscreen display to your RMP 300 or RMP 500 Controllers. Our standard LCD design has a quick turn time, but can be customzied to meet your industry's requirements.


Bluetooth Sensor Series

Bluetooth Packaged Quick Use Sensors

Operator Interface Control Panel
In today's marketplace customers expect and look for connectivity in the products they use. Now there is a cost effective way to get your products talking: connect them to the internet, send data to the cloud, connect them to smart phones and tablets. Now you can add sensing capabilities to monitor temperature, pressure, humidity, acceleration, motion, impacts, and more, and access that data remotely.

The BTS series is revolutionary; for the first time, manufacturers and end users have a low-cost option for adding WiFi/Bluetooth sensing capabilities to their new and existing products. API can add sensors directly to the board or add remote sensor capability. Or incorporate the components into your existing boards so there is no need to add any additional assemblies.



Mobile Cycle Tester

Automated Test Equipment (ATE)

Operator Interface Control Panel
API Alliance would like to announce a new product offering: the Mobile Cycle Tester. Combining the RMP 500 and the Touch Screen Display Module, it's a stand alone, cycle testing unit that is small, light weight and portable. This product offers robust possibilities for field testing, or anywhere it's needed in your lab or on the production floor. Optional WiFi and Bluetooth functionality allow for Smart phone or tablet integration and remote reporting possibilities. This device allows production support engineers or production personnel to test products wherever they are.



Power Distribution Smart Control

Rugged and Reliable

Power Distribution Smart Control
Our compact, rugged and reliable relay controller is configured for 13.8-volt power distribution and has multiple optional communication interfaces such as CAN bus communications, USB storage/interface, and Bluetooth reporting and control. This product can be expected to perform reliably for a high number of cycles and to pass the rigorous testing required in some industries. Unlike the hand wired, soldered and labor intense relays, which have multiple potential fail points, this device is a ruggedized PCB with components mounted and hardwired to the board to ensure performance for many cycles.