Turnkey PCB Assembly - "Partners In Design and Production"

Operator Interface Control Panel
Would you prefer to have someone provide turnkey electronics and turnkey PCB assembly services for your next product?

API offers diversified manufacturing expertise to be the total source for your outsourced production requirements.

Do you need someone to assemble control panels, or provide electromechanical component integration? Are you looking to have your products assembled here in the United States?

We specialize in Production Management, Electronic Assembly, Mechanical Production and Final Testing and Shipment. If you require any of the above including design, we can provide turnkey service for you. We can do component assembly and ship to your location based on your requirements.

Our flexibility and team approach to manufacturing allows us to be a cost effective alternative and complete turnkey supplier for many industries. We excel in controls and in control box design and assembly. If you have a product that you would like to have assembled in the US, we can provide you with an effective implementation plan and ship your assembled and packaged product to you based on your requirements.

Some of the value-added turnkey services we offer are:

  • Turnkey Product Design and PCB Assembly
  • Control Box Design and Assembly
  • Product and Process Design Assistance
  • Material Procurement Services
  • Production Management Service
  • Electronic Assembly
  • Electro-Mechanical Production
  • Custom Labeling and Product Packaging
  • Final Testing and Shipment


Electrical Engineering Applications
Operator Interface Control Panel

Outsourcing Advantages
  • Outsourcing your assembly tasks to API Alliance allows you to focus on your core competencies,while growing your business.
  • By partnering with API Alliance, you can increase your assembly capacity by taking advantage of our highly trained team of experts.
  • Partnering with API Alliance allows you to reduce the need to hire additional personnel, saving money for other important expenses.
  • When you outsource your assembly tasks to API Alliance, you reduce or eliminate the need to invest in capital equipment.
  • A partnership with API Alliance allows you to improve your purchasing efforts by giving you several multi-sourcing options.