PIC Microprocessor and Control Boards

API designs and provides small to medium production quantities of PIC Microprocessor Control Assemblies. These custom-based controls can be designed to provide custom input/output trigger points. Applications can be designed in a cost-effective, flexible package. API "Small-Boards" can be designed and assembled with custom functions as needed for OEM requirements.

These Boards could include:

  • Motor Control (Start/Stop/Reverse, Variable Speed or Multiple Motor Control)
  • Sequence/Time-Based Event Control
  • Inter-Processor Communication Interface

A100 Series Control Module
A100 Series
The A100 Series Basic Motor Control Circuit is designed for OEM applications to convert Single Speed CD-Brushed Motor to a Variable Speed Motor. The significant feature of the control circuit is the ability to maintain almost 100% of the Full Motor Torque over the variable range selected.
    Standard Features Include:
  • Variable Speed from 10 to 100 Percent
  • Over Current limits
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Clockwise or Counterclockwise Rotation Hook-Up.
    Optional Features Include:
  • Remote or Board-Mounted Potentiometers
  • Forward or Reverse Direction Switching
  • Remote Selectable Fixed Motor Speeds (i.e. High, Medium & Low)

A200 Series Control Module
A200 Series
Similar to the A100 Series, the A200 Series has all the same features and options of the A100 Series with several additional features and options. In the event additional flexibility is needed, API can customize the A200 Series to include an On-Board Microprocessor to allow several motors to be controlled and synchronized from a single control board.
    Standard Features Include:
  • Fixed or Variable Acceleration Profiles
  • End of Travel Inputs
  • Bi-Directional Motion-to-Limit Switches
    Optional Features Include:
  • Sequential Motor Start-Ups based on Switching Inputs or Timing
  • Acceleration Profiles
  • Multi-Motor Control of Several Motor Operational Sequences

Outsourcing Advantages

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