A Few Words About Us

API Alliance - "Partners In Design and Production" was founded in 2008 as a branch of Northern Apex Corporation (Incorporated in 1994). The initial charter for Northern Apex was a contract Electronics and Electro-Mechanical Assembly house.
In 2000 a separate division was formed within Northern Apex to pursue, develop, and integrate RFID solutions. Northern Apex-RFID products and solution integration has been successful because of the talented assembly staff, knowledgeable engineering design staff, and creative software integration. Starting in January of 2008, Northern Apex - Electronics and Electro-Mechanical Assembly branched off from Northern Apex Corporation, becoming API Alliance, Inc. This branch was made in order to allow more “internal” clarity to our separate operations. API Alliance still works closely with all of the Adaptek companies, including Automated Laser Corporation - Adaptek Systems - Northern Apex Corporation... providing our customers with a complete solution to their Electro-Mechanical Assembly and Electronics needs.

Where we are located

API Alliance, Inc. is located in the Midwest United States, on the north end of Fort Wayne in northern Indiana. Our location in northern Indiana

Mission Statement

To utilize our, electronic manufacturing, electromechanical assembly and engineering services proficiency to develop as long-lasting "Partners in Production". These alliances are to be based upon excellent communication, mutual trust, proactive participation and a complete understanding of our customer's goals. We shall offer unwavering technical and project management assistance to the level expected from these customer relationships.

Outsourcing Advantages

  • Outsourcing your assembly tasks to API Alliance allows you to focus on your core competencies,while growing your business.
  • By partnering with API Alliance, you can increase your assembly capacity by taking advantage of our highly trained team of experts.
  • Partnering with API Alliance allows you to reduce the need to hire additional personnel, saving money for other important expenses.
  • When you outsource your assembly tasks to API Alliance, you reduce or eliminate the need to invest in capital equipment.
  • A partnership with API Alliance allows you to improve your purchasing efforts by giving you several multi-sourcing options.